Joblin sync with pCloud on iOS

Hello, I'm new to the Joplin community and haven't found anything about my specific problem yet.
I work with 3 operating systems on different devices.
Setting up and encrypting Joblin on WIN11, I use the Swiss platform pCloud. Sync with Andriod Joblion and the webdav connection to pcloud works. Setting up on iPhone (iOS 16.5.1) and pCloud via webdav appears to be more difficult. Webdav address, login and password, check was successful. Sync still shows an error. Master password checked several times and entered correctly. Does anyone have any ideas what I can set?

Possible addresses
Europa: ewebdav
US: webdav

Error message
Remote-Elemente erstellt: 1.
Abgeschlossen: 26/07/2023 10:37
Letzte Fehlermeldung: Error: Could not encrypt item
c95808a4ca3342b7a3016b9a31065cd6: Master key is not Ioaded: 4ad453e969634149aOfccfc306b6d22b

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I'm afraid problems with pCloud compatibility are well documented issues:

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That's right, there are a lot of tips and information. But only on Android.
Pairing with pCloud on iOS is easy.
I think there are settings to be made that are not documented. Further information is available here.
Or can decode the error message