Iscompleted:1 yields nothing

Dear all,
what am I doing wrong if iscompleted:0 yields all open ToDos, but iscompleted:1 yields nothing? Has the query syntax changed here?


Joplin 2.11.11 (prod, linux)

Client-ID: 3708fbfebb3646c787c57619e7200257
Sync-Version: 3
Profil-Version: 43
Unterstützter Schlüsselbund: Nein

Revision: 6886f6f

Agenda: 3.7.1
Emoji: 1.0.4
Ez Table: 1.0.2
Insert Date: 1.0.1
Journal: 1.0.11
Markdown Table: Sortable: 1.2.2
Note overview: 1.6.0
Note Tabs: 1.4.0
Persistent Editor Layout: 2.2.0
Rich Markdown: 0.13.2
Simple Backup: 1.3.2
Table Formatter Plugin: 1.2.1
Templates: 2.4.0

I wonder if it's because you need to select the option to display completed todos?

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For me iscompleted:0 and iscompleted:1 works fine. I get all open ToDos with the first filter and all completed ToDos with the second one.


I am sorry; should have thought of that; that was exactly the reason. (Perhaps the search could somehow "override" these settings? Then I wouldn't need to toggle the switch just for the search.)

Anyway, thanks for setting me straight.


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