Is there a theme for joplin that looks like paper with dyslexic font?

I mean something like this.
And I want this font:
in joplin. Is it possible to achieve this? If yes, how? If not, are there alternatives?

The font you can simply set in the settings, however when it comes to the theme, you will need to use some custom CSS to achieve the desired effect. If shouldn't be too difficult though, just some background styling on the body element.

I found css for it, any idea how to use it in userstyle.css?

more formats here, choose any:

btw how do I change font family to OpenDyslexic? I don't see an option to import it.

pls tell! I tried and asked in stackoverflow, but it doesn't work in joplin.

it's working. but there's a very small issue, the lines and the text aren't being in sync with each other, is there a way to sync them using css?

Probably related to line-height, you could look into tweaking that till you get what you want.

If you use headers, they'll likely break out of the lines, and push subsequent lines down. You may want to style your h1s, h2s, etc to be the same font size but use different things for emphasises - bold, underline, all caps, etc.

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