Is there a interpreter for marcdown?

I do not know if this is the right place to ask this, but I would like to know if there is a interpreter for markdown in the way it is for html.

Wen I write html I must put it in <html> tags, or I must call the file like *.html and teach the server to treat html ending like a html file.

  1. do I need a plugin for my server to treat marcdown as html ?

  2. do I need a special tag in my files like <marcdown>

  3. do I need a special shebang for marcdown files ?

  4. do I need a addon in the browser ?

Yes there are interpreter scripts that you put in your web-root that enable you to put md files on the webserver and have them display as html. One I am aware of is MDWiki. I assume there are others.

thank you for pointing MDwiki it to me.
It is a 100% client solution. Not bad for the beginning. the bad part is that the user downloads 320kBytes every time he want to read 1 byte ...

I also researched and found two more packages for PHP.:

  • libmarkdown-php
  • php-markdown

I will study them and report.

And it seems that it is no longer maintained... Still, it shows it is possible and hopefully one of the other packages will be suitable.