Is it possible to specify the folder to which resources will be stored when exporting a note?


A new Joplin user here. I am writing a book using Leanpub for publishing. Unfortunately, Leanpub has some strict rules, as to where Markdown chapters and must be stored. For example, all resources must be stored in a resources folder within the one that stores the chapter notes. Otherwise, those won't appear in the published draft.

Obsidian allows setting the resource folder, but unfortunately Joplin does not seem to. I could of course move resources manually, but then will need to audit all the links inside the entire manuscript.

I hope there is a hidden setting somewhere that I could tweak.

If you know a little bit of programming, you should be able to easily determine the exported behavior(Through the way of joplin data api, joplin-blog is based on this idea to export the content needed by hexo/vuepress/docsify/jeykll)

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