Iphone app sync with personal server

I love joplin - thank you so much for the amazing app.

My joplin app on my iphone sync's with my personal server.

Every time I open the app only 10 messages appear then the app fetches more messages. It does not appear to fetch all the messages, specifically those entered from a desktop app.

iphone iOS version is 16.4.1(a)
Joplin 12.10.5
database v42
FTS enabled: 1

From what you write I assume you use ONLY Joplin on iOS, created all the notes with that app, and started syncing at some point. So why would your app ever fetch notes from the server. Has your iOS Joplin app ever completed "uploading" the messages from your iOS device ? how many messages did you create in total ?
Some more details please !

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