iOS keyboard covering bottom line while android version doesn't have this issue

OS: iOS 13.3
Model: iPhone XR

iOS 13 appears to have fully removed the ability to adjust size and overall placement of all keyboard apps that I have tried. OneNote got around this issue by allowing the ability to place text anywhere on a note that wasn’t preoccupied, regardless of where it may be in the overall document and allowed moving the document around freely by using a drag and drop approach.

Dragging Joplin up doesn’t solve the issue and adjusting the zooming of the screen and font size hasn’t either. It seems to be a UI issue with the keyboard.

More information:

I have both an iPhone XR and a Galaxy S9+. The former is my personal phone and the latter is my work phone. Since I own both of them, I can test multiplatform apps a bit when issues arise like this, but I try to limit my Android phone to specifically work stuff as much as possible for tax purposes.

A solution I’m finding for the keyboard issue is an external bluetooth keyboard when I feel like writing but it’s not exactly ideal when I’m working. I’m an independent courier that delivers quite often during the morning and evenings here and love writing when I’m waiting for orders to come in.

One more update. This is the same as issue #1437

This issue is showing up on iPhone running iOS 14.1