Introducing kswagh

Hi, I am Kshitij Wagh. I work in an IT company in Pune as a Software Engineer. Currently, I am working on 2 projects based on React Native. I have worked on frameworks like Laravel, Angular, and Ionic in the past.

I am interested in working on Plugin system on mobile.

Proposal Idea:
I would like to work on creating categories for the notes. Somewhat similar to what I have done in my app (checkout the playstore link mentioned below for reference).

Github: kswagh · GitHub

Personal Project:
Name: Listtracker (To-do list app)
Play store link:

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Hi @kswagh, Welcome to the Joplin forum!

Just to double check, are you a student or a recent graduate? You can find the full requirements here.


Currently I am working in an IT firm, but I have been admitted to a masters program, starting in August.

Congratulations! Thanks for confirming, we just wanted to make sure everything was clear.

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Hey, not an issue at all :slight_smile: