Introducing hawkeye359

Hi there, I am Mohd Huzaifa, currently in my 2nd year of BSc (Aeronautics) from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi.

I am a self-taught programmer. I have a firm understanding of javascript and have previously worked with react, electron, express, sqlite, etc. I am a beginner in redux and jest.

I have been crawling through the Joplin codebase for a long time and have a general idea of the codebase.

I have read the Joplin GSoC and contributing guidelines.

My Github profile - hawkeye359


Hi there,
and welcome to the community.

so on what issue your are going to work on?

thx & good luck

I think I can work on this #5753


good luck, please coordinate with others working on this issue

Hi there,
you are doing?
Are you getting along well as the serious phase is about to start?
Any help required on how to read Joplin's codebase and how to fix an issue easily?

good luck

Hi PackElend, I am close to solving the issue.

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