Introducing: @conorcurley5

Hey there, I’m Conor. I’m 19 years old, and I’ve been programming in numerous different languages for almost 10 years. I have extensive experience in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and Python. I also have experience in C and Swift, but not as much. I have worked in a internship-esque position for a company called IMS marketing was a junior developer working mostly with CMS based websites. I also frequently work as a freelance web developer so communication is one of my strong points!

In 2018, I won the Irish Entrepreneur of the Year award and won runner-up at the European Young Entrepreneur Awards for my work on a business I created called What Suits You, a web application that allowed users to find a computer or phone that suited their needs based on a selection of multiple-choice questions designed to determine their requirements accurately and quickly. This project also involved a mentorship with Google, Dublin.

I’m currently studying Electronic and Computer Engineering at DCU in Ireland. I’m exceptionally interested in participating in the open-source community, and in Joplin in particular.