Improving editor with more key bindings

We all can agree on a fact that more you take digital notes more you are ok with the fact of using key combination to do something than to use ridiculously large sentences.

How can we solve this?

  • A joplin ~/.joplin file for having user defined rules regarding key combinations
  • Making a leader key possibly “” which when typed wait for 1sec or such for you to press combo otherwise it’s just a normal input ( I am not making it vim, just trying to make it practical. we can do is we can disable it by default until it’s manually enabled in the app that user want some customization regarding what he wanna type)
  • This is not limited to just leader key although for me it would be enough because as a doctor taking lot of notes with special characters is tedious, developer can work beyond to enable other key combo to let user do some extra stuffs which would be appreciated !!!

What does this solve?
Typing ~1~ = (SHIFT + ) + 1+ (Shift + ) can become +1+1
Typing ½ ⅔ ¾ ⅘ can be made very easy by having them configured to some leader key combo

Why is it needed
Joplin is a note taking app, which is made to target everyone at all platform, and since it’s digital it’s crucial it takes care of productivity and performance too. Every note taker can easily personalize the joplin according to what he usually take notes of, which boosts his speed while taking note. We all can agree on that more personalization atleast here usually give END user a better experience .

I am on joplin 1.0.199, Linux 5.6.3

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