Improve feedback process, once programming, easy later

Improve feedback process, once programming, easy later

I have been thinking about the process of feedback for a long time

Is there a convenient solution that allows users who are completely unfamiliar with programming to be able to directly input how the error occurred in a window, and then click Submit.
Developers can also successfully obtain the required error information, so as to smoothly locate the problem and solve the problem.

The contradiction between the user and the developer is communication. You want to know this information, but the user may not be familiar with how to find and submit this information, and the poor user actually wants to reflect in simple language how he encountered this problem.

Therefore, we can actually formulate an automated process to resolve communication inequality.

The help button on the joplin desktop has a submit error button.
If the user encounters a problem, they can click this button, a window pops up, there is only one input box, and a “submit” button.
The user enters how he encountered this problem, which is the reproduction process.
The user then clicks submit.
At this time, Joplin will automatically add Joplin version information, the operating system information used by the user, and the log to the information.
That is, the information that can be searched automatically and submitted should not be handled by the user, which is the reason for the contradiction in communication.

If a few lines of code can retrieve the user’s environment, why bother to teach users how to find version information, operating system versions, and program logs?
This kind of information can be found and submitted automatically with code.

Things that can be solved by the program should not be left to the user.
I think this is a liberation for developers, because developers do not need to cause conflicts in communication because users do not know how to submit complete and necessary information.

I know a little bit about programming, so I can cooperate properly in submitting questions.
However, we often encounter users who do not know how to coordinate with developers to locate problems, are troubled by their users, and developers are troubled by lack of necessary information. Why not let the program mediate the troubles of both users and developers?
Wouldn’t it be more perfect for the program to collect information automatically, so that the user could simply explain how to encounter this problem?

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at the end it is automated error/bug/assistant reporting.
It would need more information than just version and screenshot, we may start with listening them