I can't register

Somehow I'm in, but if I log out I can't get back in. I've given the site 3 E-Mail addresses and NOTHING back.
I've posted here and it's been deleted, I've posted on Github as a last resort and it was deleted with minutes.
Any REAL ADMIN here?
Can someone at least PM me?

Yes, there are. But none of what you are saying makes any sense.

We don't delete posts, neither here nor on github, unless they are SPAM marketing posts that want to sell us something.

I guess it wasn't clear eh? I was SO frustrated I guess that's how it came out, the post here was deleted as I was informed, and I can not find my GitHub post.
I tried to register with the address I wanted (I'll not post it openly). Never got an E-Mail for verification. I requested 3 resend(s). Then I tried another E-Mail - same domain - with the same result.
I then registered with an addy on yahoo.com, but the system did NOT ask for verification and I was allowed to post, but I dare not log off. I eventually received mail for verification on yahoo.
I'm just trying to get the admin to change my E-Mail address, to the one I want, without having to use any verification as I will not get it. Nothing showed up in any of my server logs from here.
I have tried to use the form, here, to change my address, but do not receive ANY E-Mail from here.
I realize this is somewhat trivial, but as I almost never use the yahoo address, I'd like it changed to my domain.
Thanks for tanking the time to answer.
When I finally changed to yahoo.com I received

Hi J.B.
Could you please tell us in the most simple words what exactly you were trying to do, and where it failed ? I have a hunch about what that might be, but the truth is, I am still not sure.
Please try 3 lines max, okay ?
We'll fix it together !

PS: I am neither admin or moderator, just another user, but this may actually help :wink:

I'm trying to change my registered E-Mail address, but can not receive the verification to complete it.
Sorry I do tend to ramble.

You making it hard, my man. Which website (I assume ://discourse ...), sign-in direct or with github, etc.
To make it short, if you write it out, step by step, I will use a temporary email address and follow your steps, in order to see what's going wrong. Okay ?

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I do not see how I'm making it hard but;
yes //discourse
I can not enter my E-Mail address in the registration form and get a verification E-Mail. I do not see what else I can say, so let's keep it as is. I'll not get notifications as I do not ever check yahoo.com, but that'll be ok.
Unless i can PM you with the address I'd like to use?

Quite a lot of forum software does not respond to disposable email address domains such as mailinator.com. If you are using one of those that may explain why you are not getting any response.

It's my domain that I've had for more than 25 years. I think I should just assume there is something in the machine that does not like it and move on.
Thanks all, I'll ask my questions and check in now and again to see if they've been answered.
Last thing if I might, am I right in assuming this board/forum does not have the ability to PM a user or the admin?

It does, like all discourse forums. You click on a user and then click message. Or you go to your messages and click New message.

At the blank of dragging this on, I tried that early on and this is what I see: Clipboard01
and if I click on your link for messages I get a "this page no longer exists or is private."
Thank you for taking the time to answer.

Ok, can you go to your preferences? Don't you see a menu item on top that says messages?

Or click on your avatar on the top right. You should then see something like:
Click twice on that mail icon.

But you have to have a trust level of 1 to send PMs.

Let me send you a PM. That should work.

Found it there.
If I continue is there a admin I can PM in regards to this?