.html import lag

Windows 11 Latest , IOS 17 Beta 3

Hello, when I try to import an HTML file into Joplin on my PC, it experiences slowdowns and becomes unresponsive. Additionally, after it stops freezing, when I attempt to synchronize it on my mobile device, the application freezes and crashes. As a result, I'm unable to access the note's content.

The HTML File is about 86mb

For a HTML file, this is probably way too much. Why is the file so large? Are there images or videos encoded in base64 in there? If yes, then decoding them may require a lot of processing power. The app is also likely not designed to handle such huge HTML notes.

There’s images , how can I decode them if I’m importing from notesnook

You will probably have to save them as files and replace the base64 source with links to the files. You can use tools like https://codebeautify.org/base64-to-image-converter to decode the base64 code quickly, however I haven't been able to find a solution that could do it all automatically.

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Seems like it’s working now , Thanks for advice

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