How to reliably trace reason for crash?

Hi there,

I want to ask for tips here before possibly posting this to Github.

For me, Joplin 2.2.2 (Pre-Release) has a tendency to suddenly start devouring resources, and then crash. This usually happens couple of minutes after launch, and the devouring doesnt stop until Joplin crashes (Highest RAM usage I have seen is 10GB out of 16GB and CPU usage of 100% for minutes). This happens on MacOS 11.5.1 and Windows 10 May 2021.

Each time this happens console only prints one line dozens of times per second:

PluginRunner: Got message (3): ["search"] {query: "iscompleted:1", fields: Array(4), page: 0}

Here's a list of my plugins:

Conflict Resolution 1.2.0, Favorites 1.2.1, Kanban 1.0.0, Markdown table calculations 1.0.3, Note Tabs 1.3.0 , Repeating To-Dos 0.0.1, Simple Backup 1.0.2, Tags Generator 1.0.0, Untagged 2.1.1

My question: Is there a better way to trace what is causing this behaviour rather than just toggling plugins on and off one by one and hoping that the crash happens? Because I haven't reliably been able to reproduce the issue, it's just usually happens sooner or later. So whether I use Joplin, scroll, edit, sit idle, use any of the plugin functions... does not seem to have any connection to the issue, or at least so far I haven't been able to pin it.

Any tips? Or is it just "trial & error".

Thanks a ton,

Based on the error message, maybe it's the repeating To-do plugin? Are there other messages around that might tell what plugin posted this message?

I think trial and error is the best way.
My (somewhat) educated guess that it's either favorites or repeating-to-dos

Another may be to check the source code of these plugins to see which one issues this command.

I wold tip on Repeating To-Dos from the query

Thanks for the tip, I will check that out. That would make sense because there was a memory leak bug reported on To-Do -plugin couple of weeks ago. I'll check it out and report it forward. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there,

I found the line console was refering to from Repeating To-Do's source code. And now with futher testing the behaviour is related to if that plugin is on or off. I'll pop a msg to the developer.

Maybe the plugin should be taken offline till the leak is fixed (after someone more pro makes sure there really is a leak, I'm still in babyshoes code-wise), because at least for me it pretty much rendered Joplin useless.

Thanks for tips / help!