How to overwrite onedrive synced content from Joplin Mobile iOS

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Here is the issue:

Joplin desktop (WIndows and MacOS)

There is a feature "Re-upload local data to sync target".

I encountered some network error when re-uploading content to OneDrive, the progress interrupted.

Then I click normal sync button on leftbottom corner,I thought it will continue to re-upload progress, but Joplin start to sync normally. I guess because the online content is newer (just uploaded), though the online content isn't completion, joplin still take online contnet as full content and started to sync, which means, delete local data. And this time, the fail-safe feature doen't work. The local data almost lost all.

I think it should do something to log the re-upload progress.

Here I need help:

How can I overwrite Onedrive content from my joplin mobile(ios), since here I still have all my notes and excerpt.

It synced much days earlier, I'm very afraid any sync operation will erase it too.


There's an export feature at Configuration -- tools -- Export as JEX

Try transferring this export file to desktop and importing it there. Once it's all done (pls check it!), reinstall the app and sync it again.

To make second sync slightly shorter on mobile, you can not-download the attachments by setting Download behaviour to auto.

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