How to fix broken sign up process to this forum and remove locked user name

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What issue do you have?

I tried to signup for this forum using email. This failed.

I never received the email needed to confirm, but the account here somehow exists.

I can request email reminders for the password, but also never receive them.
I have not found admin contact data - is there a way to remove the broken sign up so that I can try again to claim the user name?

(To be able to access the forum and post this request, I signed up with github, which I try to avoid.)

Could you PM me the username and email? Sometimes I know the automatic security things can get a little overzealous, we should at least be able to see what is going on from the logs.

It's "mborus".

The email is "" (I usually set up one email per service)

I validated that I can receive mails on "" if I send them myself.

Thanks for the help. If this is not fixable, I'll stay on this login.

Looking forward to give Joplin a serious try.. BTW, after a few start up problems, I got Joplin to run on three devices. On problem was, that to write my first notice on windows, I had to restart Joplin, as it didn't accept text entry without restarting.

I'm not really sure I'm afraid. I can't see the account email itself to check for typos but I can't see any blocking of that email address and the account itself looks normal just not activated. I've resent the activation email but beyond that I'm not really sure.

If that doesn't work I could potentially activate the account manually and you could try signing in then and you can check your email settings once in.

OK, I did not receive a mail.

Please activate this manually and I'll have a look if I can sign in now / tomorrow.

I've activated it if you want to give it a go