How to change the color of a word everywhere

Greetings to members of the forum.
Friends, please help. How to make styling a custom view. Sorry, I tried it but it doesn't work.

sudo mount /dev/sdX

sudo systemctl start service - description
sudo nano /etc/sys.conf

How change color in all 'sudo'


In the markdown editor, you do it like this for code:

sudo systemctl start service - description
sudo nano /etc/sys.conf

sh for shell, or for example it could, be python, CSS, bash

``` are back-ticks and not apostrophes

This will automatically colour the keywords, comments, etc in the code block

Edit: Oh, I think maybe I misunderstood your question, you want to change the style to a different colour than what is provided by the default sytnax hightlighting?

I am aware of these moments. I wanted it to be in custom CSS, the code did it with "sudo" automatically replace the color, wherever it sees "sudo"

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