How do I show posts with two tags? or more

Let's say I have 100 YouTube tag posts and 150 Photoshop tag posts. I need to find 10 posts that are both YouTube and Photoshop. How?

Use the searchfilter: tag:youtube tag:photoshop


Search filters explained here.


Very good! But is there an interface for this? Where I could select the tags I want quickly. Maybe we can make a link to the search with the necessary parameters?
[Search Photoshop video tutorial](tag:youtube tag:photoshop)


No such option does not exist, but you can search for the Favorit plugin and try it

Well, this is not very convenient, but I will hope for a more advanced search interface in the future.

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I don't use the plugin, but I think I read that it has an option to save/favorit a searche.

It does.

There's also the Note Overview plugin (or something like that), that lets you embed search results in a note.


Also good!

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