Handshake project?

Just got an email from them, but not sure what to make of it:

I have great news for you - the Handshake project, which aims to return control of the DNS root to the people, has handpicked your project to receive an allocation of Handshake coins. You can learn more about Handshake at https://www.handshake.org/.

We hope that these coins will help your project secure its namespace in the new DNS root, that’s finally owned and controlled by the people.

The project can allocate coins to Joplin in one of two ways:

DNSSEC ownership proof of joplinapp.org - see GitHub - handshake-org/hsd: Handshake Daemon & Full Node
Handshake address - instructions Handshake Faucet Tool Instructions · GitHub

Anyone knows about it and what it can mean for the project? What are these coins they mention?

I have never heard of it, but I will do some research.

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Handshake is a decentralized P2P replacement for the root zone. Handshake coins can be used to purchase TLDs on the Handshake naming system.