GSoD participation

Hello community,
I am Chandan Prakash ,a sophomore from India. I am new to this community, But I am familiar with open source . I want to contribute to the documentation of Joplin under GSoD program . I have gone through this link [GSoD] ( .As suggested I have joined this channel. I have gone through the ideas listed in GSoD . I am excited to work on the first idea which is create documentation hub for Joplin. I want to discuss its details . I want to know if Joplin documentation can be hosted on gitlab .I have gone through Read the Docs ,there are so much advertisements on the platform. I am ready to start work on this. Right now, where can I find out the documentation for Joplin. Please connect me to mentors.
Suggestions are highly appreciated.

Hi Chandan, in the end our application for GSoD was not accepted, so we won’t be participating this year.

Ah shit, that is too bad! I missed that. :frowning: I thought you got two guys in, sorry to hear!

Just to be clear we’re talking about Google Season of Docs (GSoD) in this thread, which is different from Google Summer of Code (GSoC).

For GSoC our application got accepted and we indeed got two students in.

Oooohhh… I should have read that! Sorry!

Thanks for letting me know. I will hope for selection of Joplin next year in GSoD . I was keen to participate in this org. I will try next year. Again thanks .

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