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  1. Watch this topic, so that you are stay up to date, we will not update each of you individually!

  2. First of all, please read and as they contain very important information about the project and how to contribute.

  3. General information about GSoC is given in

  4. For students, see in particular the section Instructions for students, which will tell you how to get started.
    Please follow Recommended steps closely.
    When you post your in introduction, include your username, e.g Introducing <username>
    Structure your introduction, like

    • name, age, university
    • experience, references
    • your way forward, your interests
  5. fix an issue and mentioned it your introduction topic, a simple reply in the topic is enough.
    There is the good first issue label, to help you to select one.

  6. Do a nice and clean PR, mention @PackElend label me please, so that I can track it.

A general remark, you don’t have to follow the suggestions 1:1. These are only guidelines, the introduction also tells something about yourself, so speak frankly.

For existing students, please adapt your existing introduction!


  • read
  • make yourself familiar with git if you haven’t used it yet. It is expected that you understand rebasing, rewriting history, resolving conflicts (conflicts in the code, but also how to resolve one in package-lock.json), …
    Good reads are...
  • Code clear any clean, e.g. no massive use of white-spaces
  • only stage / commit changed files in a PR
  • Show evidence of you change and tests by means of screenshot, GIF or screen record
  • If you do a PR, mention me, so that I label it correctly, so that we keep track of all contributions easily.
    Just say @PackElend label me please.



  • We will try to keep track of challenges and mention them here, if they are of a generic nature
  • please mentioned me, if there difficulties, which shall be listed here, to avoid that others run into the same trap



We are in the first week of GSoC and pretty overwhelmed by the activity since the announcement that Joplin as accepted by Google, see for yourself #gsoc. A big thank you to those who have been active even before the announcement.
Also we want to thank you the community supporting us in setting the sails and this sailing off phase.
As this is the first time we are setting sails for this journey things are not perfect. It is a learning at both sides what will help improve the situation during the upcoming days.

history of this topic

Hello community, hello new contributors,

The announcement that Joplin had been accepted for GSoC has brought a lot of attention to Joplin, which is good and out of the question. Unfortunately, the core team is small and this is the first GSoC episode of Joplin. We have already received great support from the community, which helps us to improve the situation.
The challenge is to make the information, which is currently scattered in several topics and GiHub discussion, easily available to anyone.
This is the reason for this live blog.

This topic will be filled with essential information around our GSoC journey regardless the information classification, e.g. code style, how to create IDE or how to talk in the forum…

I will pick up anything, what I see as important an will bring it up herr, either just as a copy&paste or curated depending on time and necessity.
So let’s start.

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As from now, follow GSoC 2020 live blog