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Hello together,

I'm using Joplin for a few weeks on my Windows Desktop and my iPhone with Nextcloud synchronisation. I like it very much. All functions I used till now are working very smoth.

I really like the possibility to structure all my notes as deep as I want. But if you expand severel Notebooks and Notes it easily could get confusing. And most of us are more visual minds.

Is it possible to implement a feature like graphical notebook covers?
A good example is the realization in "Zoho Notebook"

In my mind it is even more close to a real analog notebook. Before you you can write something in your notebook you have to take it out of your shelf and open the book. So I think it is a better user experience if you see your notebook instead of just a structure of textual titles.

I'm looking forward to a constructive discussion.
Bye, Alex

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Yes, but imagine you have a hundred of notebooks (it will happen sooner than you imagine)... It will be impossible for you to find the one you want immediately (need to browse a lot) and at the end if you don't remember all pictures you will have to read a legend below the image anyway...

It's like in ebook readers. With few books : easy ! With many books : boring !

Do you know that you can add little smileys at the beginning of the name of your notebooks in order to graphically identify them ?






Hey Steph,

Thanks for your quick reply.
I understand your point.

In my case, I always try not to escalate the number of items in the root and the next two deeper levels. Anyway for me the graphical covers seem to be useful just for the root level.

Yes I found the possibility to set icons for notebooks. I just found it shortly before you replied my post. At the moment I set custom made icons for my notebooks.

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