Ghost Folder Keeps Reappearing

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I’m having an issue with one of my devices consistently re-creating a folder for notes that is not used anymore. I used to set the config to …webdav/Notes but I wanted that to be hidden so I changed it to …webdave/.Notes on both of my devices, I know which machine it is because the folder only appears when this one has the application running. I’ve tried completely nuking the config folders under ~/.config, ~/.joplin, and ~/.cache then reinstalling using the same bash script on the main site. The Notes folder exists but nothing is in it, I keep deleting it and it keeps reappearing.

Note this is a webdav url from Nextcloud using the Nextcloud protocol in Joplin.

Something must be syncing with it then. Maybe the cli app?

I don’t have any other versions installed than the appimage that is downloaded from the bash command.

I also only have Joplin installed on this laptop and my Pixel 2, and have gone through clear data, and set up again.