Get broken Notebooks structure after issue with sync storage


I'm using Joplin via Linux (1.0.218 version now) and OneDrive as sync storage. Two days ago, during clearing OneDrive, by mistake was deleted also Apps folder with sync/backup. After this, any new syncs were without results (so, the folder in OneDrive was "re-created", but if I add a new note to Joplin, pushed the "Synchronize" button - but nothing added to it).

I had tried to change sync destination to DropBox - the same result. Ok... Returned to OneDrive and got next picture: new folder (App1) was created, "something" synced here - but in the Joplin client I see "nothing" except "conflicts". Can you please suggest possible steps to fix it? Thanks

P.S. As I (hopefully) can see, local items should be stored... But unavailable from client