Fullscreen mode

Having a fullscreen mode that hides both the titlebar and taskbar on Windows and Linux would be nice to have.

As a workaround, fullscreen can currently be enabled using the following Javascript snippet in the developer console: document.documentElement.requestFullscreen();, and can then easily be disabled again by pressing ESC.

Having a built-in option with a menu-item and a keyboard shortcut would be preferred over this workaround. Since this shortcut can't be F11 as that is already used for toggling the sidebar, Ctrl+Shift+F might be used instead.

I found an older request asking for the same feature, but it was locked shortly after the discussion went off-topic.

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That code document.documentElement.requestFullscreen(); is doing exactly what I need! A beautiful simple full screen mode!

I wish so much that Joplin would have this simple code function integrated via Ctrl+Shift+F, as I don't wont to open the developer console each time to enter that code.

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