For what is the first number behind the notebook name?

Hey guys

I'm trying to switch over to Joplin as my notebook app and I have a short question:

For what if the first number? (Behind GPO (1) and Scripts (2)?


Thank you for your help!


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At the moment, I have only a mobile device here, so that I can’t test it.
But it should indicate the number of notes that you have in that notebook.

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Yes, it is the number of notes in that notebook.

No I mean the first one.

For example the folder GPO there is (1) and 6. Inside the notebook GPO are 6 notes. If I go to view and deactive the view of the numbers behind - I have only the (1). But I have no clue for what the first number stands for.

In the test folder there is just one note

So the (1)/(2)?
This should be part of the notebook name...try to right-click the notebook and edit the name of it.

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Haha yes - it is :smiley: Thank you - this was very easy^^

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