First line == name?


I’m using the command line app. Does the first line of each note always have to be the name of the note?
If I change the name of the note, the first line changes and if I change the first line, the name of the note changes.
Does this have to be like this? I don’t think this limitation is present in the GUI Version.
It’s particularly annoying with markdown, as I’d usually like the first line to be a heading (# My Note),
but I don’t want all my note names to have the hash symbol.
Is there a way aroudn this?

Thanks and BR Felix

The reason for this is that the cli application does not have a separate field for the note title.

Therefore the first line is always the note title.

e.g. when you create a note in the GUI app with title Here is the title and note body # first header, the note will look like this in the CLI app:

Here is the title

# first header

Edit: The first line in the body (GUI app) is the 3rd line in the CLI app.