Feature requests & issues

  1. Reorder notebooks
  2. Display notes like in Keep
  3. Display first line of body in notebook list for notes without titles
  4. Edit note by tapping in body (i.e. don’t require tapping edit icon)
  5. Set default notebook for new notes to be assigned to
  6. Set default for making new note or to do, with ability to do the other either with a long-press or after creating the note. The majority of my notes are notes, not to-dos, so the current two-step method is a bit annoying
  7. Sort mode for showing most recently accessed notes first, regardless of whether they were modified
  8. Option to sync whenever changes are made
  9. Search function isn’t very good. Doesn’t search as you type and doesn’t match partial words, e.g. can’t search for “note” and find “notebook”
  10. When exiting configuration without saving changes, it should prompt. I thought dark mode wasn’t working then realized I didn’t hit the save button.
  11. Word wrap keeps changing while typing, causing text to shift back and forth which is very distracting and confusing, making it seem like autocorrect is making changes