Feature Request: Searching within the tree (outline) structure

I would like to use Joplin for a mobile inventory database.

Therefore I have created a tree (=notebooks):

______>Room 01
______________>cabinet 01
_______________________>drawer 01
_______________________ Content = For instance: knife

And then for instance I put in the notebook "drawer" the Notes = pieces, what I have stored in this drawer.

This seems to work and would be a flexible structure which I can modify from my mobile and desktop computer.
But a problem is finding the parts. Joplin find the "knife" but doesn't show the location in the "storage tree". (In the Android app).

Question: Would it be possible to add a feature for the Android app, which is showing the location within the tree?
The Windows desktop program should highlite the branch, where the searched part has been found.

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