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Feature request: Pandoc markdown with preview and export


I found ghostwriter, which uses pandoc’s markdown, if you want. So you can see all it’s features in the preview and export the file to epub3, epub2, pdf, tex, docx, odt, pptx, html …

The problem is, that you cannot configure the export (chapter-numbering, individual footnotes, table of contents, table of figures, table of tables, pagenumbering, styles, colors … ) so I made a python-script to do so. My notes are made with pandoc markdown and are half-automated converted to these formats.

For an usual user, it is too complicated to make an own css, yaml, template from scratch but you could provide default configure-files which (easier) could be adjusted.

What do you think of this suggestion?

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I don’t completely understand the question. You’d need Pandoc support in Joplin?

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Yes, this would be great.

To see in the right pane every feature pandoc markdown provides would be very useful, so I don’t had to use an external editor (ghostscript) for editing, which is also interesting for the mobile app of joplin.

And to convert the written markdown into the available formats, with layouts styled by the user, by clicking a few buttons would be a step (pdf, docx, html, epub3, tex etc. with table of contents, footnotes) in the right direction. (Perhaps this can be done by calling a script after saving a .md-file?)


+1 for pandoc which I use with Jong - JOplin Note Generator / Django w/ VueJS