Feature Request Markdown shortcuts

As a frequent user of note-taking apps, I find myself using markdown extensively. However, I've noticed that not all users are familiar with markdown syntax, which can be a barrier to efficient note-taking. I believe it would greatly enhance the user experience to introduce a feature that allows users to directly input markdown using shortcuts, eliminating the need for manual formatting. This feature could open up a plethora of possibilities, such as seamlessly pasting images using links, creating hyperlinks to other notes, or embedding video links. Additionally, incorporating a PDF viewer directly within the app interface, without requiring the user to open a separate markdown editor or navigate through top panels, would streamline the note-taking process even further. This enhancement would not only simplify the user interface but also cater to a wider range of users, making note-taking more accessible and intuitive for everyone.

Your screen recording shows you using the Rich Text editor, not the Markdown editor. Select the M button in the top-right toggle to switch to the Markdown editor.

Check out the existing Slash Commands plugin which includes Markdown shortcuts like your video shows, but for the Markdown editor.

Try using split view by View > Toggle editor layout or Ctrl+L until you have Editor and Viewer panels side-by-side. You should be able to view PDFs through the Viewer.

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