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Feature request: dynamic tags and color bolded text for dark theme



I love this app and I was thinking about two new features that I believe will benefit with others as well:

  1. Make a dynamic tag system so that you can easily remove tags from a note and also hide tags that remain empty after this is done (or sent them to another empty group tags).

I, for one, could then easily maintain all my notes that require certain or immediate attention.

  1. The bold text is nearly unrecognizable when using the dark theme. Perhaps change it’s colour from bold white to yellow or something?

Thank you for reading,



Hi srj, nice suggestions!
#1 is almost certainly something that you’ll see eventually but unfortunately it’s a bit challenging so it will take time.

#2 is something that you can fix yourself. Joplin allows customisation of the markdown preview window using custom css.

You can acheive what you described by creating a userstyle.css file in the correct location and putting the below in it

strong {
    color: yellow;


Thank you,
I have managed to place the custom css file and make the modification. I’m guessing this won’t be replaced after the next update right?



That’s correct, your change will be in place until you change it or delete the userstyle.css file.