Feature Request: Add support for template backup seperated from normal backup

I thought the templates would have been backed up too. But they don't. It would be a good feature to see them backed up separately because it's possible to use a single backup for the notes data and use it/work on it together but have different templates for each user. If this feature is going to be implemented I'm going to donate frequently. I promise! :smiley: :

The templates are Markdown files in your profile directory, so could back them up too, is that what you mean?

Hi Laurent,

as a quick solution this would be OK. I formerly thought about a feature to backup templates seperated from main backup so different users using the same main backup can also backup/restore their templates.

P.S.: I don't know into which direction Joplin will evolve but maybe in the future the support for some kind of 'repository and user control etc' is also supported. Just dreaming :smiley:

Like I said: As a quick solution it would be grat if the templates are backed up too with the encrypted default backup.

Thanks and best regards.