Extracting and listing or at least linking to all the sections/paragraphs marked with an anchor/tag name

I would like to collect several paragraphs of text marked with a name of a tag/s in one or several notes. In order to quickly present a data collection on some topic. Or to quickly browse through the collection, at least.

There are other tools for this than Joplin. But I wish I could do even this with Joplin, if it’s not too hard to implement in some phase.

This topic is related to at least these older topics I wish could be of help:

  • In here we were given advice on how to jump from one note to an anchored paragraph in another.
  • This one covers aspects of qualitative research in Joplin, especially searching for notes and/or paragraphs within notes marked with one or several anchors/tags.
  • Topics about improving search capabilities.

Now I would like to know,

  1. if there’s a way to reprint all these paragraphs and order them by a tag on a summary page? This is one of the handiest features in OneNote with the add-on Onetastic that I used before migrating to Joplin.
  2. or if it is possible to at least list links to all these marked paragraphs on a page and order them by tag names?

Process could be like this:

  • One tags a whole note, possibly with several tags. Helps to keep track of all the tags.
  • Uses the name of one those tags in an anchor marking a specific paragraph in that note.
  • Possibly marks/tags a paragraph with several such tags/anchors.
  • Sometimes several paragraphs with one tag/anchor.

After that, the paragraphs/snippets need to be collected OR the links pointing to them, at least .

  1. At the moment it is search, find, copy and paste. Finding the note/s at the intersection of several tag names can already be done by ctrl-F6. By scrolling it is relatively easy to locate all the highlighted anchors in the text, if one uses the “# My anchor” alternative.
  2. Creating links with the same tag name to several paragraphs on one page so that clicking the link would take one to the exact location on that page seems not to be possible.

At best, this is a lengthy process. Is it possible to make use of the anchors in collecting faster and more easily the texts of the marked paragraphs on one summary page?