External Editor in Windows during Testing?

First: I am really very impressed with the new editor being implemented.

I decided to use the testing versions understanding the risks of data loss and have implemented daily backups. As the WYSIWYG editor is still in development, would it be possible to still provide the link to editing in an external editor? Perhaps this could be implemented in an option setting or as a plug-in. Long term, there might be some group of users that still prefer their external editor.

External editing is supported from both WYSIWYG and Markdown editor. You can press Ctrl+E or go in menu Note => Edit in external editor.

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Thanks, human factors… First I was looking for where the button could be and then I looked under the Edit menu (an external editor would be an edit function). I’m not saying I am right, just how my mind worked.

I liked the functionality of the button, particularly the indicator that Joplin was still monitoring the open file in the external editor.

BTW, the editor function I was looking for was how to left and right justify individual columns of a table. I couldn’t remember the code. I suppose I could have used the built in editor to justify the entire table, looked at the code, and then adjusted the individual columns.