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Please, I have two questions:

  1. How to export to pdf with page numbering?
  2. How to export to pdf so that titles start on the next page?
    Joplin Version: 2.7.15

Hi there,

  1. Not supported, you could try to print the note as a pdf (File -> Print) and activate page numbering, but I didn't find such an option myself under Windows or Debian. There is no other option, that I am aware of, see this thread: Pagenumbering in PDF-Exports

  2. Markdown doesn't support this, but you may take a look at this thread: How to create a new page for PDF export

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Another option may be to export to markdown and convert to PDF with pandoc

Thanks MrKanister. I´ll see the links.

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Thanks roman_r_m. Before Joplin, I used to write with Typora. I think it used pandoc for page numbering (number 1). Number 2 doesn't work either.

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