Export notes in another hard drive


I would like to export my notes on my HDD which is not running my operating system.
When I want to export, I have only the choice of my SSD folders. I could export to a folder on my SSD and then cut-paste it to my HDD but this is not very convenient.
My HDD shortcut also doesn't appear when I want to export.

Could you help me ?


Joplin for desktop 2.6.10 (prod, Linux)
Linux Mint 20.3

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@Ostrogoth welcome to the forum.

I believe that the save / save as dialog is a part of the OS and not Joplin. However I have noticed that with Mint the left pane of the save dialog lists the mounts of other disks under "Other Locations" and not in the sidebar.


In this case my second hard disk is labelled "JOPLIN_DATA".


Forgot to mention that if you open the Mint file manager and bookmark the second drive (or any folder within it) it will then show in the save / save as dialog side bar.


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Thank you for your answer !

That is strange, I do not have the same options as you :

Only one drive available named "Ordinateur" which means "Computer".

I can not upload more than one file as a new user, I will post another screenshot.

If I open my file manager :

My storage appear.

I can not find my "Disque Local" in Joplin window.

How did you install Joplin?

From flathub.

Does your second hard disk automatically mount at boot?

If the little unmount arrow only appears after you select the drive in your file manager the drive was not previously mounted.


If you try to export from Joplin after selecting the drive in the file manager does the disk appear in "Other Locations"?

It may be some permissions issue specific to flatpak then.

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Yes it does, and the disk does not appear even after selection it.

Thanks for your help

Ok I'll try to install Joplin with apt then.

Thank you, I'll keep you informed.

The only official method is the appimage, I don't think there are even any PPAs for you to get it via apt.

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It's not in the repos. Just go to https://joplinapp.org and get the official install script for the AppImage.

I suppose it could be something to do with flatpak and/or the fact that your drive appears to be NTFS formatted? I am afraid that I am all out of ideas...

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It works !

It was my flatpak unofficial joplin distribution.
I followed this instructions and no more issues.

Thank you guys, you are great.

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