Error when trying to install Joplin CLI

I wanted to install Joplin CLI in Linux Ubuntu 21.04, buy I could not, can somebody help me, or guide me to be able to install it? Captura de pantalla de 2021-10-08 21-25-09
2021-10-09T00_19_54_424Z-debug.log (171.6 KB)


it seems that git is not installed.

apt-get install git

@tessus thanks it was very simpler. Right now in Joplin CLI I have some problem to synchronize with OneDrive. Command line not understand the command, what am I doing or typing wrong?

You can see all the options if you run joplin help config and in particular there's no path for OneDrive. Instead you need to just run joplin sync and it will ask you to login.

Right I have read it but forgetting at the time to run the first synchronization. Thanks @tessus & @laurent.

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