Enhancements to the way resources and notes are saved

Currently notes are saved

The text content of the note is saved separately from the resources (attachments and images) that the note relates to, and the resource files are all placed in the "resources" folder without distinguishing which resource belongs to which note.


This way of saving does not allow for direct visualization of file ownership, and does not allow for local viewing and sorting of resource files.
For example, if you delete a note and find that the corresponding resource file has not been deleted, and you want to delete it locally, there are too many resources to find the corresponding resource quickly.


Resource files are saved by creating directories and subdirectories and named folders based on the notebook and name, for example:

JoplinProfile\resources\Welcome\Welcome to Joplin!>1.jpg

Alternatively, the content of the notes and resources can be saved in a single resource package (.jex), named according to the name of the notebook and the directory in which it is saved.

JoplinProfile\resources\Welcome\Welcome to Joplin!>1.jex