Encrypted not finished and USB stick dead

I wanted to use an USB stick to get all my notes in my pocket from anywhere whitout having to sync from office.
And I decided to use EE on the notes on the USB stick.
Then I decided to sync from office (yes I said I didnt want and I should have heard my little voice in my head) because that would take a long time. But the USB stick displayed FAT error... and Linux unplug the USB.
So now, from home, I have notes that are sync and encrypted .
How to know which notes are encrypted ?
By chance, I made a backup of my default profile, a month ago, I hoped to spot the encrypted notes I lost to get them back from my backup.

I made a query that just return one result but not sure :slight_smile:

sqlite> select * from notes where encryption_applied = 1;

finally i set encryption_applied to 0 for the only note return by the query, and encrypt (from home) and now syncing