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Emojis displayed in black and white (I would prefer color)


since I have updated the scale of my screen (from 125% to 100%) under Windows, the emojis in the titles of my Joplin notes are sometimes shown in black & white, sometimes in color. Previously (when 125%), the emojis were always nice looking (in color).

Here is the Joplin version that I am currently using:

   Joplin 1.0.233 (prod, win32)
   ID client : f1e379318d8b41c3a2575784fe35b2aa
   Version de Synchro : 1
   Version du profil : 32
   Trousseau supporté : Non
   Révision : e63eee89 (master)

Screenshot when it looks good:

Screenshot when it is black & white:

The Windows configuration that I recently changed (to 100%) in the display options :

I am using:

Windows 10 Family version 1903 installed on 29/11/2019 and operating system 18362.959.

Up to know I didn’t find any relationship between a specific event / action in Joplin which would cause the display of emojis to become in black and white. It seems sporadic…
However, in the body of the notes, the emojis always look nice (in color)

Have you already observed such a behavior?

Many thanks for your help.