Electron 7 issues

I’ve been running git master for test purposes and came across a few problems with Electron 7.

right and bottom border in preview pane

Cancel button still not pre-selected

The problem is that at this point no keyboard navigation is possible anymore.

Toggle Development Tools does not work

When clicking the Toggle Development Tools menu item, nothing happens.

Item 1 and 3 are fixed in git master now! Thanks.

I am confident that item 2 is an Electron issue, but since this has not been solved since Electron 3, I am not sure how to proceed.

internal anchors

When clicking links within a note, either via a [toc] or manually created links, a white bar at the bottom appesrs.

@laurent FYI:

This has been fixed in Electron 7.1.8.

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Unfortunately another issue manifested itself:

Perhaps we should switch to the async dialog methods as it seems to be what will be supported now.

Not really sure how to do that, but I can read up on it.