E2EE running for over 24h

System Info

  • OS: Pop!_OS 20.10
  • Joplin: Joplin 1.7.11 (prod, linux)
  • Synced Cloud: Nextcloud. Cloudamo as the provider.

First time using Joplin and I found importing from Evernote to be an absolute breeze. Kudos to the developers for such great work!

I setup E2EE last night on the desktop application following the directions on the website. I noticed in the directions that it could take a long time. I am sitting at just over 24 hours right now and I was wondering if that was to be expected, or if I potentially messed something up? I've got about 30 notebooks with a total of (roughly) 120 notes. I haven't opened up Joplin on my mobile device yet to sync or anything, I just wanted to finish the E2EE on the desktop app first.

If this is to be expected, then no problem. I can let it run. However, if something seems wrong I'm happy to provide further information. Thanks in advance!

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