Doocker-compose Pull v2.5.2 Error

Currently using v2.5.1 self hosted server. Tried to pull v2.5.2 using docker-compose. I get the following error:

Pulling app (joplin/server:2.5.2)...
ERROR: manifest for joplin/server:2.5.2 not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

This is a snippet of my docker-compose.server.yml file:

image: joplin/server:2.5.2
container_name: joplin-server-252
- db
- "22300:22300"
restart: unless-stopped

Running Debian 11, docker-compose 1.29.2. I appreciate the help.

There is no 2.5.2 version at the moment, only a beta but no stable release!
To use the beata use the tag 2.5.2-beta for an exact version or 2.5-beta to get the latest 2.5.X beta or 2-beta to get the latest version 2 beta or beta to get newest beta versions.


Thanks @JackGruber ! I did not realize that was a beta release. My mistake. Thanks for the additional commands as well! I was not familiar with all of them.

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