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Voilà j’ai mis le post sur /Apps. Je pense que ça pourrait intéresser d’autres utilisateurs, soit directement, soit comme base pour créer d’autres scripts.


Tu veux une librairie dans quel langage ? J’ai pas regarder les sources …


Il faut que je repasse en anglais alors :wink:


How to do a World Cloud with Python and REST API Joplin ? Easy : see http://www.cyber-neurones.org/2019/02/how-to-do-a-word-cloud-with-title-or-boby-in-joplin/ or download source https://github.com/CYBERNEURONES/Python :muscle::grinning:


New script : "Python : How to migrate data of Awesome Note (bridworks.com) to Joplin ? " http://www.cyber-neurones.org/2019/02/python-how-to-migrate-data-of-awesome-note-bridworks-com-to-joplin/ . :muscle::grinning:


The apps are done in JavaScript (Node.js basically for everything that’s backend).

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I come back :wink: So now I want to understand ressources … Question : I do a new app ( JoplinCheckRessource.py ) to download all ressource, and after to compute MD5 for all ressource. If the MD5 it’s the same, I say it’s same file. My question : If y have 2 notes who uses the same ressource, and after I remove one ressource. What’s happen ? I keep ma ressource for the other note ? Thanks. I put comment on linkedin.com : https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6506235621974114305 :sunglasses:


and after I remove one ressource. What’s happen ?

It’s not possible to manually delete resources. They are automatically deleted when they are not present in any note. So if two notes share the same resource, and you delete one of the note, the resource will stay. Once you delete the second note, the resource will be auto deleted after a several days.


OK, after run my script I see :
“Number total of request 10191 Number of file 10190 Number of same file 7480”
That means that of the 10190 resources, there are 7480 that are identical. But in its identical there must also be images not purged (my tests during the developments). How do I do to force the purge?


Afaik you can’t. Please also see:

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The script I’m working on is facial recognition, I think I have it done tomorrow. Currently I have more problems installing libraries than problems on the script. ( See http://www.cyber-neurones.org/2019/02/mojave-build-dlib-issue-fatal-error-x11-xlib-h-file-not-found/ or http://www.cyber-neurones.org/2019/02/homebrew-on-mojave-issue-line-27-usr-local-var-homebrew-locks-update-permission-denied/ ) . So my question : In your opinion, where I can put the name of person ? ( in notes after the link, in keyword, in title ? ).


:sob: so I write a script to do the job :muscle:. Thanks.


The script to fix the issue : https://github.com/CYBERNEURONES/Python/blob/master/JoplinCleanRessource.py or http://www.cyber-neurones.org/2019/03/python-how-to-clean-ressources-of-joplin-not-used/ .
The result it’s ok for me. Next step Face Recognition …:muscle:


@CYBERNEURONES I looked at your blog. That’s Antibes in the picture isn’t it?


Yes. I live next to Antibes.