Desktop pre-release v3.0 is now available (Updated 18/04/2024)

Download the latest pre-releases from here:




Just installed version 3.0.2 on a M1 MacBookAir running Sonoma 14.4 and Joplin will only present a blank white screen. Eventually I get a error dialog offering to restart in safe-mode. Safe-mode launches as expected...

Update: I disabled the MacOS Theme and the app opened as expected.

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Hello there,
Thank you very much for the new release.
I noticed one problem with a plugin: Markdown Table: Colorize that does not colorize any more once the beta editor is activated. As soon as the activation is removed, it works again.
As one of the new/imporved features is beta editor improvments, I just wanted you to know.
Kind regards,

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Support for multiple column note list and the trash folder are two great new features!.

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I've opened a related pull request on the joplin-plugin-markdown-table-colorize repository:


Joplin 3.0.2 Desktop (Windows 10 & Linux Mint) - Cannot Undo a Sub-Notenook

In previous Joplin versions a sub-notebook could be returned to the notebook root by dragging and dropping the sub-notebook onto the "NOTEBOOKS" header. With Joplin 3.0.2 this results in an error message "No such folder:". I have yet to find a way to return a sub-notebook to the notebook root.

This is indeed a known issue which I think has been fixed now


Apologies for that. Poor searching of GitHub by me!


The trash feature took me by surprise as I thought there were huge hurdles to implementing one. Much appreciated. Out of interest, is there a layman's way to explain how it's coded (e.g. every note now has a "trash" switch in its metadata)?

Yes it's metadata that's added to each note and notebook, a property called deleted_time (0 when it's not been deleted). Of all the different approaches that we tried this was the more manageable in terms of complexity, although it still wasn't that easy.


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