Desktop pre-release v2.14 is now available (Updated 23/05/2024)


Thank you very much for the update. Well done!

The following issues are also screaming "mark me as resolved." Hopefully, there will be progress on these matters as well:

Take care


  • Fixed: Re-enable UNC links (#10071 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Certain RTE menu items are not visible in dark mode (#10044)
  • Fixed: Fix pasting images from the rich text editor into the rich text editor (#10064) (#10062 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fixed OCR memory leak when processing PDF documents (#10050)
  • Fixed: OCR does not start when German language is selected (#10058)


  • Fixed: Fix OCR not working for certain languages (#10097)
  • Fixed: ENEX does not import correctly when title of note matches the name of the attachment (#10125)