Desktop Joplin search field "x" does not work as expected

The search field in the top left corner of the desktop app shows a "x" icon to delete the search field content. This icon does not work when the New-To-Do and New-Note butttons are displayed next to it. If you click the "x" in this situation the search field will just snap to fill the full width of the sidebar so that the other 2 buttons are gone, but - and this drives me nuts - the search field content is still there!

So after searching you always need to click the "x" once and then find it at the new location and click it again to clear the search field content. To me this is crazy unnecessary overhead regarding UX.

Maybe someone can fix this so that the "x" "does its thing" when it is clicked the first time.

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This seems to be a regression in a recent version, not found where yet but it was working in 2.6. it was introduced in 2.7.6 pre-release. Could you create a bug report on Github? (or I can if you don't want to).

It seems to be this commit here - Desktop: Resolves #5893: Expand search field when clicking on search … · laurent22/joplin@6b6574e · GitHub
If I build Joplin with the revision of that file prior to that commit then the normal "x" behaviour is restored.