Deleting team member

Hello, today i bought to Joplin Teams edition.
In teams page i accidently added a wrong e-mail adress and now i cant undo it.
Can you please help me? How can i delete a team member?

Hello, if you click on the team member it should let you remove the member in the next screen. If that doesn't work please send me a screenshot by pm

The problem is the e-mail adress i invited is invalid. That's why i can't delete this member.


Right, there's indeed a problem. So just to be sure, the one you want to delete is the first one, without any name? I will delete it for you.

Yeah that will be so nice actually, ı should have gmx . de written but accidentally wrote gmx . com. Can you delete this member please? :cherry_blossom:

Ok this is done now, so you should be able to send the invitation again. Sorry about this, a new version of Joplin Cloud will be released soon to address this issue.

thank you :slight_smile:

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